What can our mod offer

Match Making

Match up with players of similar experience and fight for the highest score!

Hot Potato

Hot Potato is the classic game re-imagined with 4000 pounds of motorized steel.

Circle of Death

Try and stay alive on a structurally unsound platform that procederually gets smaller through out the round!

Time Attack

Fastest car around the map wins! Don’t forget that heavy armor and a big front bumper will add more dead weight to your car and slow it down. Stay light in Time Attack.

Destruction Derby

Destruction Derby offers Last Man Standing Free For All PVP with heavily tuned muscle cars. In this subgame weight and speed is king. Faster and heavier cars will do more damage to opponents.



Keep track of your Wins & Upgrades using our Leaderboard! See why your friends are beating you by spying on their garage or see how you match up against them in racing.



Multiple seats

These cars comes with additional seats so your friends can tag along on your “safe and comfortable” journeys across the desert wasteland.


Destructible vehicles

These cars are rolling contraptions ready to be ripped apart! Each car has a wide selection of destructible parts that all affect the vehicles handling or performance one way or another.

Visual upgrades

You can customize the cars to your liking with different paint schemes, armor upgrades, exhausts, wheels and suspension settings!

Engine upgrades

You have access to a wide selection of upgradable engines with varying performance allowing you to build the machine that matches your preferences.

State-of-the-art car framework

Rust Racers is built upon one of the most complex car frameworks in the history of Garry’s Mod! With a broad range of features such as manual transmission and realistic simulations for movement and engine, you will always face a challenge no matter the rivals! The immersive experience of driving a virtual rustbucket have never felt more real !

Your new favourite Garry’s Mod addon

Rust Racers is a new Garry’s Mod addon, featuring a delicate selection of amazingly different vehicles and a multitude of fun packed gamemodes! Sign in and join the fun with us today 😀


Team Members


Founder and Developer

Original founder and main developer. Some say he dreams in Lua.


Head of Operations

Head of Operations and backend developer.


UX/UI Designer and Developer

User Experience/Interface Ninja and frontend developer. 👽


QA Tester

WIP Head of QA. Rust Racers fan #1!


QA Tester

Testing assistant. k


QA Tester

Testing assistant.


I was playing this, and someone broke into my house, but I was so hooked i didn’t even stop them when they shot my dog and stole my TV. 10/10

Real experience from tester, not paid testimony IGN